Brands no longer hold the balance of power – audiences do!

Today’s audiences can join the party when they want, and leave just as quickly. They’re more empowered and demanding than ever before.

That’s why at House of Harvey our mission is to weave audiences into brand stories – not force brand stories into audiences. And we do that by merging the inside-out and outside-in perspectives to match your brand’s needs to the needs, wants and behaviours of your existing and potential audiences.

We know how easy it is for internal agendas, multiple stakeholders, bureaucracy and tradition to get in the way, so we work together with you to re-explore your brand and craft a modern and relevant brand expression that takes into account your whole business.

If you’re looking for a partner who says it like it is, if you’re willing to be challenged, if you want to do things differently, then let’s talk. We won’t be gentle, but we will be honest.



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