The list of potential interactions a brand can have with its audiences is almost infinite if you think of all the channels and touchpoints within today's brand ecosystem. In this ever-changing landscape, brands often end up fragmented - with a multitude of messages, stories and experiences competing with each other - all too often without consistency - across both the digital and physical worlds.

This often leaves brands without relevance, without empathy and without meaningful conversation. Fragmentation, combined with out-dated ways of working, is alienating audiences everywhere. And that's no surprise - real people want real brands

Let's face it - brands no longer hold the balance of power - audiences do. 

At House of Harvey, we'll work with you to fight fragmentation, know your audience and tell great stories - all the time. We're hands on, love to collaborate and we say it like it is.

We won't be gentle, but we will be honest and challenging.

house of harvey insights


Do you have all the knowledge and insights you need to truly know your brand, build your storytelling platform and tell your stories consistently?

house of harvey brand positioning


You need to know your brand inside out before you can tell stories effectively. What do you stand for, and what experience do you want to provide?

house of harvey storytelling


A strategic storytelling platform gives you the freedom to create, inform, entertain and affect - consistently, across your entire ecosystem.  

49% of European marketers claim placing the customer at the heart of their cross team efforts is DIFFICULT / VERY DIFFICULT
— Adobe Digital Trends Report 2016